July 14, 2014

"You might be a dimensionaut after all."
Rick Remender, Matteo Scalera & Dean White
Image Comics, 2014
152 pages, cmyk, digital

If we could explore every possible outcome of our choices, would we be content?
One of the things that makes us humans is our infinite capacity for remorse and how we make a wrong option a focal point of our lifes. On the other hand, living without regret, taking a chance and making it work are our most rewarding moments. Carpe diem and all that.
Black Science is the path to our most ideal objectives: the cure for disease, war and even death. But Black Science (a pun on black magic), is achieving our goals ignoring its very bleak consequences.
That is one of the themes of Rick Remender, Matteo Scalera and Dean White's "Black Science", a fast-paced sci-fi action adventure about a group of individuals that inadvertently end up jumping from layer to layer of "The Onion", "the Eververse" or as we, humble comic nerds know it, the multiverse.
The Onion is actually a cool concept: the first choice created different realities and each subsequent ramification originated infinite variations of the same world. The rest is, basically, pseudo-scientific babble.
This comic is actually, in a way, trying to mimic that multilayered disposition. Apart from its main theme, about the consequences of technology, personal and otherwise, it is about a man's options. That man is genius, rebel and long time adulterer, Grant Mackay. Mackay ends up dragging his children, friends, colleagues and rivals to an apparent one-way trip round the Onion.
Remender is fast on track to becoming one of my favorite comic book writers. Although not a new idea (what comes to my mind is the tv show Sliders, which had basically the same main concept), Remender hits the ground running and doesn't stop for (the reader's) breath. You're quickly introduced to the main cast and their role on the overarching narrative - that doesn't mean that role won't change later - and there is a clear and empathetic goal: returning home.
Matteo Scalera's art is great. He can easily navigate through the different worlds and creatures and give them the solidity and coherence needed for this kind of story. Everything is possible and nothing is gaping contrast.
What I am particularly enjoying in comics nowadays is the part the colorist is gradually but firmly conquering. Dean White's colors are amazing and are an extra, ahem, layer to the artwork. And his name is on the cover!
If you like action-packed, sci-fi blockbusters, this is your book.

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